Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes are the SDKs?

  • Android SDK: 40kb

  • iOS SDK: 134kb

Does Adstronomic Android SDK support 64-bit App?

How can I create an Adstronomic App Campaign?

It's simple! First, you have to Signup. Then, you must Create a Campaign. If you need any further information, check out the Documentation.

How do I get my Campaign ID?

You have to Signup and Create a Campaign first. The Campaign ID will be automatically generated and showed in your Dashboard.

Is Adstronomic SDK impacted by new iOS 14 privacy rules?

No, it's not. Adstronomic SDKs don't get user privacy related data. However, we already plan to update the solution to provide more features (analytics, advanced targeting...). Then, we will build our iOS SDK to be compliant with Apple rules.

Can I integrate Adstronomic SDK to Unity, AdobeAir or Corona apps?

Sorry! We haven't developed plugins for those platforms yet, but it's on the way. Stay tuned!

When will the COVID pandemic be over?

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