Banner Ads

First of all, you need to create a BannerAdController object and init it (with your application context in parameter). After this, you have two possibilities:

  • Display as quickly as possible the ad after loading it. For this, you can simply call the method Adstronomic.loadAndShow with the app context and the ad object as parameters.

  • Just load the ad in the background by calling Adstronomic.loadBanner(). And, when you want to show the ad (after a specific event - For example: click on a button), you can do it with the method show.

So, for example:

var bannerAd: BannerAdController?

bannerAd = BannerAdController.initializeObject()
Adstronomic.loadAndShow(view: self, ad: bannerAd!)


var bannerAd: BannerAdController?

bannerAd = BannerAdController.initializeObject()


// Call when a button is pressed for example
if bannerAd != nil {
    bannerAd?.show(view: self.view)

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